A record of “turning Earth into gold” in Hesha Village

Before the frost, more than 10 employed farmers in the smart agricultural industrial park on the side of Hesha village, Nanchuan District, Chongqing were stepping up the cultivation of winter vegetables such as lettuce and green vegetables. < p > < p > Hesha village, surrounded by mountains, has poor land, cool climate and long growth cycle of crops. In order to help Hesha village people out of poverty, in 2018, the Ministry of people’s armed forces of Nanchuan district decided to develop high-tech agriculture here. < / P > < p > the Industrial Park began to vigorously promote the “ladder to field” project, and built 39 modern vegetable greenhouses with remote control of temperature, humidity, sprinkler irrigation and ventilation. It is embarrassing that the vegetables planted in the greenhouse are not as good as the local open-air vegetable fields in terms of yield, quality and taste. < / P > < p > the Ministry of people’s armed forces of Nanchuan District immediately invited agricultural experts to conduct field investigation and detection, and found that the soil organic fertility in the industrial park was not enough. In the summer of that year, the Ministry of human resources and military affairs of Nanchuan District guided the industrial park to launch the project of “increasing soil fertility” and “turning soil into gold” — the soil fertility of the greenhouse increased greatly, the vegetable yield per mu was 50% higher than that of the ordinary farmland, and the fruits and vegetables were large and full, and there was no yellowing at the edge of the leaves. < / P > < p > at the same time, 39 vegetable greenhouses in the industrial park have been upgraded, each of which is equipped with sprinkler irrigation equipment that can accurately input zinc, iron, calcium and other trace elements needed by human body, and sensors placed in each greenhouse can monitor soil fertility in real time. < / P > < p > “now, the industrial park can produce three seasons of vegetables a year, one season more than ordinary fields. Through scientific and accurate management, vegetables in the greenhouse can also achieve “off peak” production Industrial Park technician said. < / P > < p > at present, Hesha Village Industrial Park can produce more than 4000 Jin of vegetables per shed per season, making a profit of more than 10000 yuan. “In 2019, after the dividend of the industrial park, the per capita annual income of the poor people in Hesha village will increase by 2000 yuan.” Huang Haifan, Minister of the people’s Armed Forces Department of Nanchuan District, said. < / P > < p > the success of vegetable greenhouses in the industrial park has greatly touched the local vegetable farmers who are used to traditional vegetable cultivation. At the end of last year, many villagers in Hesha village built vegetable greenhouses one after another, and some vegetable farmers also transformed the vegetable soil according to different vegetable types according to the experience of the park. < / P > < p > “in the next step, we will guide the industrial park to take high-tech agriculture as a breakthrough, actively explore the improvement of quality and efficiency, and let the once barren land grow vegetables with high yield and good quality.” Weng Junjun, political commissar of the people’s Armed Forces Department of Nanchuan District, said.