A Radar Brigade of the air force in the northern theater organized a combat readiness pull drill for the festival

In the early morning of October 76 in Shenyang, the rapid alarm broke the silence of a brigade of Air Force Radar in the northern theater. Officers and soldiers of the brigade moved at the command, and the mobile battalion quickly rushed to the designated area to carry out air surveillance. During the national celebration of the “double festival”, the air force radar soldiers not only did not relax their eyes of staring at the sky at all times, but also stepped up military training and preparation to improve their ability to win. “The more holidays we have, the more we need to keep our eyes open. We should not only ensure that officers and soldiers are fully rested, but also press ahead with the training tasks to ensure that the training is in a” full state. ” The head of the brigade said. As the battalion commander of the mobile battalion of the brigade, Liu Ligang has been on duty for the third time. On the way to maneuver, he said that the festival’s combat readiness must be based on the most difficult environment and the most complex conditions, so that the personnel and equipment can operate “at full load”. To this end, they pay close attention to the actual combat needs and the characteristics of the combat environment, carry out combat readiness pulling exercises from time to time during the festival, and test the equipment performance and wrestling ability of officers and soldiers by setting up difficult and dangerous courses. < / P > < p > “‘enemy aircraft ‘formation raids As soon as he was on duty, Liu Ligang’s walkie talkie was filled with “enemy information.”. “Strengthen the search and discovery of low altitude targets, pay attention to adjust the anti-jamming mode!” Liu Ligang issued the order decisively, and the officers and soldiers cooperated closely to search the target, track and lock After a series of combat operations, the track of the “enemy aircraft” is displayed on the radar screen. < / P > < p > before we can breathe a sigh of relief, “enemy” electromagnetic interference is coming one after another. “Determine the type of interference and take anti-jamming operation!” Liu Ligang gave orders while observing the wave. < / P > < p > “anti jamming operation succeeded!” After a series of operations, the target appears on the radar screen again. As the operator’s fingers jump on the keyboard, the aircraft type, number of frames and other information are entered one by one, and the air information is continuously transmitted to the superior command post < / P > < p > after more than an hour of intense confrontation, the flying radar antenna on the position slowly stopped, and the roar of the oil plane also slowly disappeared. However, the officers and soldiers did not rest, and the combat personnel concentrated in the shelter to review the disposal process for each air situation echo and each disposal node. Radar technicians carefully check the radar performance indicators, carefully record the relevant data to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and can be started at any time.