A peacekeeping soldier has been killed in an attack in northeastern Mali

Bamako, Dakar, October 15: the United Nations multidimensional integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali issued a press release on the 15th, saying that a peacekeeping soldier was killed in an attack on his mission in the northeastern province of kidal in Mali. According to the communique, a vehicle carrying minusma peacekeeping soldiers was hit by an explosion 50 kilometers away from the capital city of kidal province that day. One person died and one was seriously injured in the attack, and the injured were sent to medical institutions for treatment. The communique did not disclose the nationality of the two peacekeepers. The communique strongly condemns the indiscriminate attacks against United Nations personnel, Malian and international forces, as well as innocent civilians. In the communique, head of minusma, annadiev, said that minusma will continue to be committed to supporting the efforts of the Malian people and government to regain lasting peace. This is the third time that minusma peacekeepers have been attacked and killed since this year. In May and June this year, three peacekeepers and two peacekeepers were killed while on duty. In March 2012, there was a military coup in Mali. In April 2013, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to establish minusma. In May 2015, the Malian government signed the peace and reconciliation agreement with some armed groups in the northern region. In June of the same year, all parties completed the agreement and finally signed it. However, the northern part of Mali has been in constant conflict in recent years, and the armed attacks in the central region are also on the increase.