A new regiment of the 71st group army of the army holds the ceremony of awarding recruits in 2020

On December 21, a new regiment of the 71st army of Nanjing Army recently held a ceremony to confer the rank of recruits in 2020 and take the oath to join the army. More than 700 recruits were awarded the rank of private soldier and became glorious PLA soldiers. < / P > < p > the ceremony began in the Grand National Anthem. The leaders of the new Corps read out the order of awarding new recruits titles, encouraging all new recruits to recognize their military status, remember their military responsibilities, practice their military skills, and do well in every step of their military career. Subsequently, the leaders of the new Corps and the backbone of the newly trained cadres respectively wore military ranks for the representatives of the new recruits. < / P > < p > “I am the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, I swear: obey the leadership of China, serve the people wholeheartedly…” All the recruits who wear the ranks of private soldiers hold up their right hands and solemnly swear to be loyal to the party, the motherland and the people. Yu Hang, a new recruit, said: “conferring the title means a new beginning. In the next military life, I will work harder to study and train, and strive to become an excellent” Four Haves “soldier as soon as possible.”