A new policy of deepening medical reform in Guangdong

Less than three months from the end of 2020, Guangdong Province has increased its power in deepening health care reform and issued a new deal. The provincial medical reform office recently issued the “key tasks in the near future for deepening the reform of the medical and health system in Guangdong Province”, which has deployed six reform tasks, including strengthening the construction of public health system, deeply implementing the health Guangdong action, deepening the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, deepening the reform of medical security system, improving the drug supply security system, and promoting the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine Point to task. < p > < p > < p > “public health” has been listed in the important task list of deepening medical reform in Guangdong. Guangdong will formulate and issue relevant policy documents to build a strong public health system, improve and improve the disease prevention and control system with clear functions and a unified and efficient emergency command system, and strengthen the capacity of disease prevention and control institutions and the construction of public health teams. At the same time, we should improve the coordination mechanism of medical prevention, strengthen the responsibility of disease prevention and control of medical institutions at all levels, promote the exchange of personnel, information and resources between departments and institutions, build a comprehensive intelligent public health monitoring system and an information platform for comprehensive management of emergency supplies, and establish a public health emergency supplies reserve directory. Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be improved by promoting nucleic acid detection ability, Promoting Standardized Construction of fever clinics and fever consulting room in medical institutions. < p > < p > Guangdong will accelerate the implementation of 18 special actions for healthy Guangdong, establish and improve the organization and system, and improve the assessment mechanism for the construction of healthy Guangdong. We will strengthen the construction of public health and environmental infrastructure, and focus on promoting the construction of health towns in eastern, Western and northern Guangdong. At the same time, we should strengthen the health promotion of key groups and improve the prevention and control level of chronic diseases. We will strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases, endemic diseases and occupational diseases, vigorously promote the construction of vaccine cold chain distribution and vaccination standardization, and carry out the risk prediction of vaccine shortage. In terms of overall medical reform, Guangdong proposed to strengthen the reform of “three medical linkage”, improve the performance appraisal mechanism of medical institutions and medical personnel, deepen the reform of salary system, establishment management and title evaluation, establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of medical service price, and accelerate the audit of new medical service price items. We will deepen the reform of medical insurance payment methods, improve the diversified and compound medical insurance payment system with Guangdong characteristics, and promote the “Internet + medical security”. We will explore ways to comprehensively carry out group procurement by means of regional alliance, Medical Association, medical community and hospital alliance, improve the centralized procurement of consumables related to new coronavirus detection, medical insurance payment and price linkage, promote the comprehensive pilot of national essential drug system, and ensure the supply and price stability of short-term and short-term drugs. We will improve the comprehensive supervision coordination and supervision mechanism of the medical and health industry, build an intelligent supervision system for medical services in the whole province, and carry out the pilot work of “credit + comprehensive supervision”. Guangdong will also highlight the key work with Guangdong characteristics. For example, we should cooperate with Hong Kong and Macao to build a highland of traditional Chinese medicine in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine service system, launch the three-year action plan for the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, implement the consultation system of Chinese and Western Medicine, carry out the construction of traditional Chinese medicine classic ward, and promote the medical insurance policy to incline to traditional Chinese medicine. Of indomitable spirit, we should continue to promote the construction of high level hospitals, build close county medical institutions and help group members to promote the construction of the Internet plus medical health demonstration province and build a “healthy” pattern. We should speed up the construction of health Bay area, support Shenzhen to take the lead in the innovation and Reform in the field of health, and support Guangzhou to realize the new vitality of the old city and “four new brilliance” in the field of health and health.