A new method for purification of car-t immunotherapy preparation

Canberra, October 26 University of South Australia announced in a statement recently that researchers from the University of South Australia have worked with a biotherapy company to develop a new method based on microfluidic technology to purify car-t immunotherapy preparations for cancer, which can reduce treatment costs and side effects. < p > < p > car-t immunotherapy for cancer refers to the bioengineering transformation of immune T cells extracted from cancer patients, so that they can recognize and attack specific cancer cells, and then transfused to patients for treatment. This is a new anti-cancer therapy which is highly expected by the R & D community in recent years. Mona elsmary, who was involved in the purification of the above preparations, said car-t immunotherapy has achieved positive results in the treatment of blood cancer such as leukemia, and some teams are studying its application in the treatment of solid tumors, but the potential of the treatment has not yet been fully realized. In addition to the high cost, there are also impurities in car-t preparations that are difficult to remove, such as dead cells, dimethyl sulfoxide and other antifreeze agents. Among them, dead cells may cause serious side effects to patients, and antifreeze can cause allergic reactions and toxic side effects in some patients. According to the bulletin, the new method can remove more than 70% of dead cells in car-t preparations and more than 90% of dimethyl sulfoxide in car-t preparations within 30 minutes, without adverse effects on the quality and function of immune cells. This result can benefit patients by reducing the cost and side effects of car-t immunotherapy.