A new equipment for the Navy

As the first equipment test ship specially designed by the Chinese Navy, the warship named after the inventor of movable type printing can be called China’s warship with the greatest risk. All kinds of new shipborne weapons must be tested and launched successfully on the ship before they can be formally listed as warships. Each time, it is a matter of life and death to go to sea for more than 200 days a year. In the sea water of 26 degrees north latitude, Zhao Wan, the first captain of the ship, and his crew are still impressed. That time, as usual, the ship launched a new type of shipborne weapon. After sailing to the predetermined area, the battle alarm sounded, and the personnel were hidden and ready to launch. Only Zhao Wan and a pilot were left in the cockpit only 7 meters away from the launching shaft. < / P > < p > an accident happened. When the launch button was pressed, the missile was not launched as scheduled. “The test has entered the irreversible process, and the missile may explode on the warship at any time.” < / P > < p > according to the emergency plan, the warship sails to the open sea, and the test personnel need to discharge the missile before returning to the home port. The waiting time was stretched by tension and fear. Lei Zhongshan, then the navigation chief, recalled: “time seems to be no longer going, and it is particularly long.” < / P > < p > the crew are wearing explosion-proof clothing and helmets, but everyone knows that in the event of an accident, these protections will not work. “It’s just a psychological comfort.” “Fortunately, the danger was successfully eliminated in the end,” said Xu Wanggen, the captain of the section In the past 23 years, the ship has launched nearly 100 missiles and more than 10000 naval guns, and has completed more than 310 major test tasks, known as the “naval meritorious test ship”. In the test of new weapons and equipment, the test data should be fully tested under different sea conditions. Sometimes when the test conditions are insufficient, it is necessary to artificially create high difficulty and high sea conditions to test the equipment performance under extreme conditions. In order to meet the needs of the test, the captain often needs to “add another fire” on the basis of known risks. < / P > < p > in order to simulate the complex sea conditions, the captain will make the ship sway by raising the fin stabilizer, and then increase the swing amplitude artificially by combining with the rudder, so as to simulate the situation of the ship encountering big waves and meet the requirements of severe sea conditions for weapon launch test. < / P > < p > “sometimes the ship can roll nearly 30 degrees, which is very dangerous.” Captain Han chunqiang said, “in the case of irregular swing, the initial attitude of the missile after it comes out of the barrel is very easy to be affected. If the angle and height are not sure, there is a possibility that the missile will collide with and fall off the ship. ” Li Hongjun, the main engine technician, has been sticking to the “heart” of the “maritime mobile laboratory” of the ship for 20 years. The main engine compartment where he is located is the power source of the ship’s navigation. It is located at the bottom of the ship. It has high temperature, high noise and no sunshine all year round. < / P > < p > in 2018, it was freezing near 38n. The main engine of the ship continuously draws sea water for cooling, but the Bohai Bay has entered the freezing season. There are too many broken ice and the filter is blocked. “If the sea water can’t come in, if the temperature of the main engine is too high, it will stop running.” Li Hongjun said. < / P > < p > the only feasible way is to climb to the inlet of the filter and remove the ice slag by hand, so that the cooling water can be recycled. Li Hongjun was the first to climb over. < / P > < p > “the sea water splashes out, the pants and shoes are soaked, and the hands and feet are cold and disobedient.” “After a filter is cleaned up, it will be blocked again in a few minutes,” Li Hongjun said There were 8 people in the main engine class, and they went up and down in turn in the face of two blocked filters. They almost did not close their eyes for three days and three nights, which ensured the normal operation of the machine and the smooth completion of the test task. < / P > < p > “we have such a spirit that we are particularly open to victory.” Said Jin Qiuming, political commissar of Bi Sheng warship. The officers and men of the whole ship have been united, friendly and united in a dangerous and difficult environment for a long time. The ship is full of the warmth of home. < p > < p > once, Tian Han, then deputy deputy director of mechanical and electrical engineering, was going to take the professional technical examination the next day. However, due to meteorological reasons, Bi Sheng warship, who was carrying out a test mission in a certain sea area, delayed the arrival time and missed the examination. < p > < p > after the then captain Lei Zhongshan asked the superior for instructions, the Navigation Department revised the navigation plan again, and the observation and communication department made a signal request. Lei Zhongshan personally piloted the boat and sent Tian Han to the shore. < p > < p > Tian Han always remembers that day, the boat was blown unsteadily in the level 5 storm. “Although wearing a life jacket, but when the surge came, the sea water still wet clothes.” In the evening, Tian Han climbs up a nearby civil wharf with both hands and feet. When he turns around, Lei Zhongshan has already driven the boat back to the wind and waves.