A glimpse of the “peak” competition in Special Warfare

Recently, the Armed Police Force’s “peak-2020 · Guangdong general team” special combat reconnaissance competition opened in a training ground in Guangzhou. More than 300 special combat team members staged a “peak” duel one after another, focusing on two parts of special warfare and reconnaissance, three categories of professional basis, individual all-round and team tactics, with more than 70 courses. According to the requirements of the outline, higher than the outline and difficult to outline, the competition mapped the battlefield into the competition field, the team into the competition team, and the combat method into the rules, which comprehensively tested the individual combat ability and team cooperation ability of the special combat team members. Deng Yutao, leader of the judging group of the competition, said: “in this competition, we set the course rules in strict accordance with the actual combat requirements. The purpose is to achieve the breakthrough of the physical and psychological limit threshold of the special combat team members through the severe test, and strive to forge the special combat ability that the difficult situation can be solved, the residual situation can be reversed, the dangerous situation can win, and the dead situation can be reborn.”