A detachment of the Armed Police Corps organized joint patrol to ensure border security

During the national day of Urumqi on October 10, a detachment of the Armed Police Corps organized officers and soldiers to go to the border, and formed a joint patrol force with the public security officers and border guards of the ninth division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps to carry out armed patrol activities. < p > < p > in the baluke mountain area on the Bank of tasti River in Yumin County, Xinjiang, the patrol officers were blocked by the turbulent water in a dangerous valley. Feng Chen, a squadron leader of a mobile Squadron, led the patrols to the stone to enter the water to make a bridge, and to clean up the shrubs with the shovel and the pick, and to open up a new patrolling passageway. Under the guidance of border guard Zhang Zuofu, officers and soldiers climbed a steep slope of nearly 70 ° to patrol the grassland at the top of the mountain. < / P > < p > “every step of the border patrol is full of hardships. It is for this reason that we need to strengthen our skills and protect the beautiful rivers and mountains of our motherland.” Yao Wei, a first-class soldier who participated in joint patrol for the first time, said.