A close friend of Biden revealed that the United States will “have both competition and cooperation” with China

Washington, Nov. 20 (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Chris Coons said on Friday that he hopes to see the two parties work together to make policies to make the United States “better” than China. Coons also said that although the United States must focus on competition with China, cooperation in the fields of climate change, global health and nuclear non-proliferation is also crucial. In an interview before his speech at the Halifax International Security Forum, Coons said: “I am fully aware that China is a close competitor. We have to be able to work with China in some important areas at the same time. ” “There are a number of areas where U.S. – China cooperation is needed to make the world more secure and stable, but we must focus on competition with China,” he was quoted as saying in the report Senator Koons of Delaware is a close friend of former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden won the November presidential election and will take office on January 20. But Coons said the United States must also be “prepared for a possible conflict with China,” which means “more active and engaged participation in global affairs with our allies.”. He lashed out at the outgoing president, Donald Trump, and said the U.S. government “can’t just face the world with complaints, we have to offer attractive alternatives.”. According to the report, Coons said he expected the Biden administration to work with Congress to analyze “our current situation and our direction in the bilateral relations between the United States and China, and then decide whether to take” tough or moderate measures “on trade issues and China’s new outbreak related actions. Several of Biden’s senior advisers have previously said that Biden will immediately consult with major U.S. allies to seek “collective influence”, and then decide how to deal with the tariffs imposed by trump in the trade war with China in the future.