A brigade of the 83rd group army held the 70th anniversary of the sacrifice of “super hero” Yang Gensi

On December 1 in Zhengzhou, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the sacrifice of “super hero” Yang Gensi, a brigade of the 83rd group army held a commemorative activity to cherish the memory of the hero, review the glorious course of the company, and inspire the strong army to take on the responsibility. On the Korean battlefield 70 years ago, in the battle of xiaogaoling in the battle of Changjin lake, company commander Yang Gensi led his officers and soldiers to fight back the enemy eight times in a row. After transferring the wounded and leaving him alone in the position, he resolutely picked up the explosive bag and died with the enemy, fulfilling the clank oath of “people in the position”. After the war, the headquarters of the volunteers awarded Yang Gensi the title of “super hero” and named his company “Yang Gensi company”. < / P > < p > on the day of the commemorative activities, the salute soldiers put flower baskets in front of the statue of Yang Gensi in the camp yanggensi square. The big words “the old company commander Yang Gensi is immortal” on the red ribbon express the officers and soldiers’ infinite sorrow for the hero. In the face of the bright red brigade flag, the officers and soldiers revisited the “three don’t believe” heroic declaration. Then, all the officers and soldiers walked around the statue in silence, bowing and offering flowers to express their respect for the hero. < / P > < p > the hero is gone, the spirit is forever. 70 years ago, during the pre war mobilization, Yang Gensi called out the enlightening heroic declaration of “three don’t believe”: don’t believe that there are tasks that can’t be completed, difficulties that can’t be overcome, and enemies that can’t be overcome. In the commemorative activities, Li Zhaolong, the 30th company commander of yanggensi company, reported to Yang Gensi: “since 2017, 8 people of the company have won the first place and 25 people have entered the top three in the superior martial arts competition. Like you, we will never give up and never give up and win one” xiaogaoling battle “after another.” < / P > < p > “the purpose of this commemorative activity is to trace the roots from following the footsteps of heroes and draw strength from the ever shining soul.” Zhai Jiqun, the brigade political commissar, said that over the past 70 years, the heroic declaration of “three disbelief” has become a powerful driving force to motivate the officers and soldiers of the brigade. < / P > < p > in the “yanggensi company”, these traditions remain unchanged: when new recruits enter the company, they first need to watch the movie “yanggensi”, read “super hero yanggensi”, visit the company’s honor room, and pay attention to the statue of yanggensi; every night, the officers and soldiers shout “three don’t believe”, and when they call the name of “yanggensi”, all the officers and soldiers of the company answer “here”.