A brigade of the 72nd army in the eastern theater cares about officers and soldiers

At night, in a camp in the suburb of Hangzhou, the soldiers who have been training for a day have fallen asleep. From time to time, the dormitory snores. Instructor Jinchuan raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was early in the morning. He picked up the flashlight and began to search the shop. < / P > < p > the soldiers train very hard during the day, and often push on the quilt after sleeping. It’s cold at night. Jinchuan is worried that they will get cold and get sick. Every day, he will check the shop late at night and tuck in the quilt for those boys who don’t sleep honestly. < / P > < p > after returning from the shop, Jinchuan looked through the Notepad as usual, which recorded the work list of this period: repair the power amplifier of the phonograph, coordinate the referral for Lin Zhanfeng After looking at it several times, he went to bed. < / P > < p > as the instructor of “Yantai peak hero company” in a brigade of the 72nd army in the eastern theater of war, Jinchuan has kept this habit for three years. < / P > < p > “in the company, I have the responsibility to take care of them.” Jinchuan, from Guangshui, Hubei Province, said that caring for soldiers is also a fine tradition left by the revolutionary predecessors. < / P > < p > “we should adhere to the principle of grassroots supremacy and soldiers first, truly care for the officers and soldiers, and always keep the cool and warm of the officers and soldiers in mind…” President Xi has always attached great importance to the grassroots and paid close attention to the officers and soldiers. < / P > < p > “Yantai peak hero company” monitor Wang Zijiang still remembers the touching scene eight years ago. In December 2012, when President Xi inspected the former 42nd army group, he came to the company where Wang Zijiang was. He went into the bath room to test the water temperature and said happily, “it’s good that the soldiers can take a hot bath at any time after training.” < / P > < p > grass roots first, soldiers first. The troops of the first company bear in mind the instructions of President Xi, adhere to the focus of work on the grassroots, adhere to the party’s organization, combat readiness training, officers and soldiers, and the rule of law, so as to promote the overall progress of grassroots construction. < / P > < p > in recent years, the troops have been restructured, and Jinchuan’s brigade has moved from Lingnan to Jiangnan, and from familiar stations to unfamiliar areas. In the face of a myriad of affairs, the Party committee of the brigade has always been responsible for timely responding to the concerns of officers and soldiers and solving their urgent and difficult problems. < / P > < p > they focus on knowing soldiers, loving soldiers and cultivating soldiers, and set up “four no” rules in the whole brigade: the things that should be done are not equal, the things that can be done are not delayed, the things that are urgent are not wrong, and the things that are difficult are not pushed, so as to fully promote the work of serving soldiers. < / P > < p > renovate the apartments of officers and soldiers and families’ houses of temporary teams, transfer their families and children to other schools for officers and soldiers, send cars to pick up their families, set up a special fund for “solving difficulties and helping the poor” and strictly enforce the regulations on holidays One by one, intimate and warm things flow into the hearts of officers, soldiers and their families. < p > < p > what Wang Zijiang’s lover Yang Rui still remembers is that when she arrived at Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport from Yunnan, it was more than 10 p.m., and she didn’t expect that the army would send a special car to pick her up. When I came to my family’s temporary apartment, I saw all the furniture and appliances in the room. < / P > < p > Tan bin, the army’s “top ten pacesetters” and fourth Sergeant general, will never forget that he and his wife have not had children for a long time after marriage. After the army was transferred, the leader of the brigade helped him to contact hospitals and experts. In 2019, their baby was born smoothly, and Tan bin and his wife shed tears with excitement. < p > < p > Liu Zhenghua, the instructor of the Combat Support Battalion, never forgets that in August this year, he was with the army fighting the flood in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, and his wife and children were accompanying the army. After returning to the army, the time for the children to go through the enrollment procedures was very tight. It is the leading organization of the brigade to coordinate the West Lake Primary School in Hangzhou, and the children have successfully enrolled. < / P > < p > “what we are doing in the trip is what we are most looking forward to.” “the air in the camp is permeated with the smell of” home “everywhere.” “our happiness index continues to rise” Speaking of the warm things that the brigade has done, it seems that the officers, soldiers and their families have endless words and feelings. < / P > < p > “difficulties, big or small, are all related to the vital interests of officers and soldiers, so we should try our best to solve them.” Brigade commander Wang Xiufeng said, “caring for the grassroots can’t just stay on the improvement of the life of officers and soldiers, but also on the cultivation of the growth of officers and soldiers, and on the improvement of the combat effectiveness of the army.” < / P > < p > – set up the “annual Innovation Award” to encourage officers and soldiers to innovate and strive for excellence; post the dragon and tiger list to select training stars, and set up a clear orientation of being a typical glory; < / P > < p > – open up the war preparation Road, renovate the training ground, and improve the training environment for officers and soldiers; equip the shower module to ensure that officers and soldiers can take hot baths during field training, and equip the computer into the shift. < p > < p > in the past three years alone, the brigade Party committee has done more than 120 practical things for officers and soldiers. “Everything falls on our hearts.” Tan bin spoke the heart of the grass-roots officers and soldiers. < / P > < p > know the soldiers, warm the hearts of the soldiers, and strive for the vanguard on the road of strengthening the army. In recent years, the officers and men of the whole brigade are full of spirit and high morale, and all kinds of construction of the army are in full bloom – < / P > < p > the performance of exercises and training, and major tasks is brilliant: in 2017, they will participate in the combat readiness assessment as the group army team; in 2018, they will create the company’s full loading floating at night; in 2019, they will go to sea in strange sea areas, and they will land safely. < / P > < p > Top trainers and technical experts emerge in endlessly: Changsha Daquan of the sixth company class, who passed all the way in the army’s “sniper elite-2019” competition, was rated as the “sniper elite”; monitor Xie Bing, who is proficient in all the skills of a certain type of missile launcher, is the only commander of the group army who passed the high-level occupation appraisal in 2019; Sergeant Gao Wenhua’s “three pressure, three hammers and three checks” method effectively avoided the problem To solve the problem of shooting cards and bullets, and promote it in the whole brigade < / P > < p > bloody responsibility and fighting spirit are extremely high: in a major exercise, an amphibious combat vehicle broke down suddenly at sea and might sink and die at any time. Facing extreme sea conditions, Tan Bin took the initiative to ask for help and returned to the battlefield, but he was rushed to the hospital because he was unconscious by inhaling a large amount of exhaust gas; when Ouyang Xingxing, the platoon leader, commanded to land on the beach, he was violently slapped by the sea However, in order to protect the equipment, a wound of more than 20 cm was hit on the back, and he still insisted on fighting; in August this year, the troops had just left the training ground and were about to go to the front line of flood fighting, and many people delayed their marriage. < / P > < p > the tide is flat, the sea is wide, and the wind is sailing at the right time. “To achieve the goal of building a strong army, the foundation lies at the grass-roots level and the vitality lies at the grass-roots level.” “We must bear in mind the instructions, constantly strengthen the overall construction of the grassroots, and strive to build a new era elite tour that can live up to its mission,” said Fang Libo, the tourism political commissar