A bloody battle on the iron plain

The Korean battlefield in the spring of 1951 will always remember a name: tiewon. Here, after more than ten days of fierce fighting, the volunteers forced the enemy to stop to the south of the 38th line. Wang yingbang, born in December 1927 in yangshangou village, Lingqiu County, Shanxi Province, was born in December 1927. He joined the Eighth Route Army in 1944, joined China in 1945, and joined the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army in 1951. He joined the 189th division of the 63th army to fight in Korea. < / P > < p > “we entered Korea singing all the way back then.” Wang yingbang still clearly remembers that when the troops arrived in Anton, it was nearly dark. Immediately after changing their clothes, they rushed to the front line without stopping. Wang yingbang, a year old communication staff officer, started his heroic journey to defend the country. A few days after entering the dynasty, Wang yingbang’s troops went up the mountain to carry out a mission and met with a small number of British troops. After a brief exchange of fire, Wang yingbang and his comrades in arms captured several prisoners. It was later learned that this unit was the trump card unit “Gloucester camp” of the 29th British brigade. < / P > < p > “we feed the prisoners rice, and we ourselves eat brown rice and brown flour soaked in cold water.” Wang yingbang said that the British prisoners at that time gave them thumbs up. At the end of the fourth campaign, the volunteer army contained the “United Nations army” in the 38th line day. The Party committee of the volunteer army held an enlarged meeting, believing that after the enemy occupied the 38th line, they should continue to march northward. In order to seize the initiative, the meeting decided to launch a campaign to counterattack before the enemy landed, that is, the fifth campaign. On May 27, tiehara’s Resistance War started. The US military has more than 1000 guns, more than 300 tanks and strong support from the air force. At the beginning of the barrage, US artillery and bombs poured into the front line of the 63rd army. It’s inevitable that there will be a death struggle. < / P > < p > “the sound of shells and bombing outside has been ringing all the time, day and night.” Wang yingbang’s command post in the tunnel maintained our communication line. “The battle was very fierce. I saw a soldier shot in the abdomen and his intestines came out, but he covered his stomach and rushed out.” < p > < p > in the battle, the enemy’s dense artillery destroyed our communication lines. Wang yingbang led his comrades in arms to rush to repair it. At this time, a shrapnel hit Wang yingbang’s left chest. The communication line in the battlefield could not be interrupted. He continued to repair the wound in great pain. After that, he simply bandaged the wound. On June 10, the fifth campaign, which lasted 50 days, ended. In this battle, we annihilated more than 82000 enemy troops, smashed the enemy’s plan to push the front line to the front line of Pyongyang and Yuanshan, forced the enemy to shift from strategic attack to strategic defense and accepted armistice negotiations. In 1953, Wang yingbang returned to China with his troops. In addition to his military meritorious medals, Wang yingbang also brought back war wounds. Three years later, Wang yingbang coughed up blood during training. After examination, it was found that there was still a fragment the size of a soybean in his left chest that year. After the operation, Wang lost two ribs and half a lung lobe. < / P > < p > “I’m just missing ribs and half a lung, but many of my comrades in arms have died and will never return to the motherland.” Wang yingbang was heartbroken at the thought of his comrades in arms who had been sacrificed. “The aggressors should fight. Whoever bullies us will be severely beaten.” < p > < p > immersed in memories, Wang yingbang touched his sunken left chest and repeatedly hummed a song: “manly, high spirited, crossing the Yalu River, safeguarding peace and protecting the motherland is to protect the hometown, the good sons and daughters of China, unite together to resist US aggression and aid Korea, and defeat the American ambitious wolf!”