909 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in Israel, totaling 105063 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released on the forenoon of

on the morning of August 25th local time. The latest announcement of the epidemic by the Ministry of health showed that 24 new cases of 909 cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in Israel from 21 to 25, 9 cases, totaling 105063 cases, 3 new deaths and 847 deaths. Up to now, there are 21203 confirmed cases, 417 of them are critically ill, 108 of them have used ventilator, and 83013 have been cured and recovered.

reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were among 233 of the 24 Israeli military officers and civilian personnel as of the end of the night, and 3276 officers and civilians were in quarantine.