81 politicians got together illegally, angering Irish people

[Global Times comprehensive report] due to the rebound of the new epidemic situation, Ireland has recently tightened the “restriction order” to reduce the number of indoor and outdoor parties from the original maximum of 50 and 200 to 6 and 15 respectively. However, on the night after the new rules came into effect, the golf association within the parliament held a meeting with 81 members including members and officials. Once the news was exposed, Irish domestic public opinion was indignant. According to the Irish Times on the 23rd, Dala caliri, Minister of agriculture, food and ocean of Ireland, resigned on the 21st. In a statement on twitter, he apologized that he should not attend the event in violation of public health and epidemic prevention regulations. Some netizens said that in order to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations, many Irish people were forced to cancel holidays, weddings and even funerals. Calili’s actions were unacceptable. < p > < p > in addition to calieri, prominent politicians attending the gathering included Irish Supreme Court Justice Samuel Woolf and EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan. According to a poll released by the Irish post on the 23rd, three quarters of respondents hope the two officials will resign. In a statement, Irish House Speaker Sean o’fajoel said the Council Golf Association is an independent organization operating outside Parliament and suggested that the association be dissolved immediately.