735 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases in the UAE rebound sharply

in September 2nd, novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the UAE Ministry of health and prevention in 735 new cases, and 538 new cases were cured, with 3 new deaths. So far, 71540 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were identified in the UAE, of which 62029 cases were cured, 387 cases died, and 9124 cases were confirmed. < / P > < p > reviewing the trend of the epidemic, the number of new cases in the United Arab Emirates began to decline after reaching the highest point of 994 cases on May 22, and gradually rose after reaching the low point of 304 cases on June 14. After reaching the recent high of 716 cases on July 4, the number of new cases dropped again. After entering August, the number of new cases in the country once maintained at about 200. However, the number of new cases gradually increased from the middle and late August, and exceeded the high on July 4 on September 2, the highest since May 27. The number of confirmed cases in UAE has increased from more than 5000 to more than 9000 in less than a month.