60% of Microsoft employees oppose the acquisition of tiktok

Global Times Wang Panpan said “the internal discussion of Microsoft shows that most of its employees are against the deal with tiktok”. According to the US “business insider” website on the 10th, a survey within Microsoft shows that 63% of its employees are against Microsoft’s acquisition of tiktok. Some employees believe that Microsoft’s search for the deal is “immoral” and will damage its reputation in the face of the US government’s coercion on on tiktok. < / P > < p > the U.S. government has asked byte beat to sell tiktok’s U.S. business before September 15, and Microsoft is negotiating with byte beat. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, called the deal the “golden cup”. Microsoft employees shared their views on the company’s acquisition of tiktok on the company’s internal social networking site yammer, the business insider website reported. In a survey called “should Microsoft buy tiktok?” a total of 250 people voted, 63% of them gave a negative answer, 19% of employees said “not sure” and 18% agreed. The review said that compared with the 150000 employees of Microsoft, the sample of the survey is only a small part, but it highlights a certain atmosphere within the company for the transaction. < / P > < p > according to the report, an employee wrote on the yammer website, “since NADELLA became the CEO of Microsoft, I feel very proud. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve felt tortured, that we’re not doing the right thing The employee also mentioned US President Trump’s request for a large sum of money for the US Treasury Department, calling the idea a “bribe”, and any involvement of Microsoft would make customers and employees question the company’s reputation. “From any point of view, the deal is immoral.” Another employee said: “even if Microsoft has long considered the acquisition of tiktok related businesses, the fact that the US government forces the transaction will also damage the company’s image. We should give up the acquisition.” < / P > < p > “business insider” website said that the tiktok business Microsoft is seeking to acquire is worth US $25 billion to US $40 billion, which will be the largest transaction in Microsoft’s history, but it is still far lower than tiktok’s valuation of US $50 billion. According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, a person familiar with the negotiations said that Microsoft’s initial offer was like “robbing the owner when the house is on fire.”. According to US media reports, in addition to Microsoft, a number of enterprises, including twitter, Blackstone, Sequoia Capital, Softbank and pan Atlantic investment, also want to join the negotiation. Meanwhile, US government officials continue to stigmatize and suppress tiktok. U.S. Treasury Secretary mu nuqin said on the 10th that tiktok “cannot continue to collect large-scale data on Americans in its current form” and “the Treasury Department has the tools needed to correct this situation.”.