500 US troops stationed in Syria to protect oil fields? The Syrian government strongly opposes it

According to US media reports, about 500 US troops are stationed in Syria in the name of assisting the “Syrian democratic army” led by Kurdish armed forces to crack down on the remnants of extremist organizations and ensure the safety of oil fields in the region. The Syrian government strongly opposes the US military’s so-called “oil field protection”. The Russian side said that the US military’s so-called “protection of Syrian oil fields” is actually used to smuggle oil. And it gets more than 30 million US dollars, about 210 million yuan, every month. As early as November last year, according to reports from Pro Kurdish armed media, a US armed convoy was patrolling the gattanya oil field in Northeast Syria. The oil field, not far from kamishli in northeastern Syria, is also the second day in a row that U.S. convoys have been spotted patrolling the oil fields in the area.