459 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in Hungary, and 7382 cases were confirmed.

novel coronavirus pneumonia information was released on September 4th, and 459 cases of new confirmed pneumonia confirmed by Hungary in the past 24 hours, the highest in history, and 1 new deaths in September 4th. As of September 3, a total of 7382 cases have been confirmed, 621 cases have died and 3944 cases have recovered in Hungary; 2817 cases have been confirmed, of which 120 are still hospitalized and 8 are using ventilator. In an interview with Hungarian TV on September 4, Agnes, head of the infectious diseases department of the Hungarian National Health Center, said that the average age of the new coronavirus infected people in Hungary in the first batch of outbreaks was 67 years old, but at present, it has dropped to 26 years old. She stressed that the reason for the rejuvenation of infected people is that at present, most of the infection outbreaks are in places where young people gather, such as entertainment places and wedding scenes.