4 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Mongolia have been accumulated in 310 cases.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, a director of the Mongolia national infectious disease research center, was announced at the regular press conference of the Ministry of health on.

reported that the 4 new cases of pneumonia were newly reported on the 4 day, and 310 cases were all imported cases. 296 patients were cured. It is reported that since February 1, the Mongolian government has taken back nearly 20000 people from foreign countries by means of railways, highways and special planes. At present, more than 10000 Chinese citizens have applied to return home. The Mongolian government has successively sent charter flights to relevant countries and regions to pick up its citizens. In response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak,

announced the six extension of the epidemic prevention and control state in February 13th this year. On August 25, the Mongolian government extended the period of high alert for epidemic prevention and control for 15 days to September 15.