4 models of RMB 115800-143800 are officially listed in BYD song plus

On September 16, BYD song plus was officially listed with an official price range of 115800-143800 yuan. This launch is a fuel version of the model, a total of 4 configuration options, DM and ev models will be gradually launched in the future. In terms of the amount of car purchase, the government has launched a mortgage scheme with 50% down payment and 30% 2-year zero interest on the first payment. Song plus can enjoy a subsidy of up to 5000 yuan for the replacement of old cars. The appearance of song plus adopts BYD’s latest family style design. According to introduction, plus stands for “fashion popular, new luxury luxury, advanced upgraded and sense”. Song plus is also a model with a strong sense of design launched by BYD. There are many highlights in both the appearance and interior design. < / P > < p > for example, the design of China open for fuel oil is very unique. According to the designer, its design inspiration comes from the armor pattern of the terracotta warriors and horses, which is officially named as “armor matrix zhongnet”. < / P > < p > for example, the design of integral waist line puts forward higher requirements for the manufacture of engine hood. On the one hand, in order to make the edge line and waistline of the engine cover fuse on a horizontal plane; on the other hand, when the hood is opened, it will not interfere with the A-pillar and the body, so the hinge of the hood needs to be redesigned. In terms of body size, song plus has 4705 / 1890 / 1680 mm in length, 2765 mm in wheelbase and 2765 mm in wheelbase, which is slightly larger than song pro, but smaller than Tang. < / P > < p > < p > “777” style daytime driving lights and tail lights are named “dragon claws”. The blue LED daytime driving lights are vivid and unique, which can be remembered by people. < / P > < p > Song plus’s high brake light is 1011 mm wide, which basically surrounds the whole rear of the car, and the warning effect of stepping on the brake is excellent. Song plus’s interior design is exaggerated and has made many innovative attempts. Michelle, the global interior design director of BYD, integrates traditional Chinese culture elements, and pays great attention to symmetrical design and soft color matching materials. Song plus is the first mass-produced car with gradient interior according to the official introduction. < / P > < p > this natural gradient transition called “ink Brown” and “basaltic black” looks natural on the steering wheel, door handles and front and rear seats. < p > < p > the editor interviewed the designer and learned that BYD decided to decorate the interior of song plus with gradient colors in order to create some unique interior. < / P > < p > in order to achieve the gradient color, BYD insisted on cooperating with leather suppliers for more than a year, and finally overcame all the difficulties and achieved the present effect. < / P > < p > moreover, in order to ensure the stability of the “physical properties” of leather fabrics, BYD has conducted a series of experiments to ensure that the gradual color will not fade or fall off when the temperature is above 80 ℃. The central control panel of song plus is more diversified than that of Tang and song pro, especially the three-layer design of the center control panel of the co driver position, supplemented by the atmosphere lamp LED dot matrix LCD in the middle, can communicate with the members of the car, such as giving some safety tips. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, all models are equipped with NFC car key and mobile app intelligent remote driving function as standard. In addition to the lowest equipped models, the whole series is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, active lane keeping, 360 ° panoramic image and other driving assistance functions. 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel is equipped on top and sub top equipped models. From the overall configuration level of the vehicle system, song plus’s performance is very kind. < / P > < p > due to the large width of the car, the rear seat cushion is designed to be relatively flat, and the rear row width reaches 143cm. The actual experience in the back row will not be particularly crowded with three adults and a satchel. < p > < p > in the power part, song plus fuel version adopts a brand-new “Xiaoyun” 1.5ti engine, with a maximum power of 136kw and a peak torque of 288nm. It is matched with a wet seven speed dual clutch transmission. The Ministry of industry and information technology announced that its fuel consumption per 100 km is 6.9 L. < / P > < p > according to the previous test drive experience, the transmission performance of song plus is relatively smooth, but the dynamic response is relatively soft, and the overall comfort is relatively comfortable. The new car offers three driving modes: Eco, normal and sport. If you want a more positive dynamic response, it is recommended to keep the sport mode. Song plus adopts a combination of front McPherson independent suspension and rear multi link independent suspension in terms of chassis, taking into account the comfort and handling performance. The overall feeling is relatively tough, and it can also give enough support when bending. < / P > < p > in terms of model recommendation, I even recommend low and medium configuration automatic noble models, such as mobile phone NFC car key, ACC adaptive cruise, 360 degree panoramic image and other configurations are standard on this model, which can meet the daily household needs. < / P > < p > if you want a more advanced car experience, you can consider the sub top configuration of automatic flagship. This configuration is equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard, mobile phone wireless charging, intelligent music cockpit, blind spot monitoring function, door opening warning function and other high-level configurations. In addition to household needs, it is also possible to show off the configuration with friends. < / P > < p > the most noteworthy is the width of its body. The width of 1890 mm has a greater advantage in the same level, and more importantly, it creates a wider riding space in the car. Currently, it has evolved into the third generation, and its official price is 115900-134900 yuan. The whole series is a power combination of 1.5T engine and 7-speed double clutch transmission. As a replacement model, the new car has been redesigned from the inside to the outside, and is equipped with automatic driving assistance system of super L2 + level and multiple safety technology configurations. Changan cs75 plus was officially launched in early September with the official price of 106900-154900 yuan. The styling details of the new car have been adjusted, and the configuration has also been further improved. In terms of power, the new car will still provide 1.5T and 2.0T engines to choose from. < p > < p > trumpchi GS4 is currently on sale as a second-generation model with an official price of RMB 89800-151800. The second generation GS4 adopts the latest family style front face of GAC motor, and the interior part is also the latest overall style of trumpchi. In terms of power, the second generation GS4 continues to use the 1.5T engine of the first generation, and provides the choice of 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed manual transmission. < / P > < p > compared with its competitors, song plus has certain advantages in body size and interior design. The 1.5T “Xiaoyun” high-power power parameters are very eye-catching at the same level. As for the 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox that everyone pays attention to, from our test drive experience, this set of power matching not only enhances driving pleasure, but also ensures smoothness. < / P > < p > in addition, except for the lowest model, other models of song plus are equipped with dipilot driving assistance system, such as ACC adaptive cruise and lane keeping, which is also an advantage in configuration. < / P > < p > comments: Song plus BYD launched another heavyweight model this year. Its positioning between Song pro and Tang also further refines BYD’s SUV models and provides consumers with more choices. Song plus is recommended for those who want to buy a car with high configuration, large space and no high requirements on the power performance of the vehicle.