4 dead, 7 injured and 2 missing due to explosion of Italian refugee ship

China News Network on August 31, according to the European Network quoted the European Union News Agency reported that on August 30, local time, in the waters near Calabria region in southern Italy, one of the two ships carrying refugees in parallel suddenly exploded and caught fire. At least four refugees have died, two are missing and seven others have been injured to varying degrees. For the cause of the accident, the procuratorial organs have been involved in the investigation. According to reports, at noon local time on the 30th, an Italian coast guard speedboat carrying 13 refugees and a civilian vessel carrying 23 refugees headed for the port of Crotone in Calabria region. In the process, a civilian ship parallel to the police speedboat suddenly exploded and caught fire, resulting in a major casualty accident. After the accident, the relevant authorities sent fire helicopters and rescue helicopters to the scene for rescue. Prosecutors said rescuers had found four bodies in the accident area. Two refugees were missing in the accident, two police officers and five refugees were injured in varying degrees, two of whom were seriously injured. The injured have been sent to Catanzaro hospital, the capital of Calabria. < / P > < p > according to the prosecutor’s preliminary investigation, during the process of transporting refugees, a civilian ship travelling with the police speedboat suddenly caught fire and caused an explosion. At present, rescue workers are still looking for two missing refugees.