2975701 cases of confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia in India

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in India has been tested for more than 1 million samples in 22 days, the

Health Ministry of India said. The time to achieve this goal was 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Novel coronavirus pneumonia virus was detected in 1023836 new samples in India, India, 21, according to

. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still the gold standard for diagnosing new crown pneumonia. The disadvantage is that the results usually collected from samples are 24 to 48 hours, and special machines are needed. Unlike nucleic acid testing, rapid antigen testing plays a key role in large-scale diagnosis in India. Antigen tests usually produce results in hours and are relatively inexpensive. Antigen detection with kit can be carried out on mobile workstation without laboratory. Its disadvantage is that virus antigen false negative situation is more, some patients may be misled by inaccurate test results. Experts from the Indian Medical Research Council say that since India approved the use of rapid antigen testing for diagnosis on June 14, about 40% of the test samples have been operated by rapid antigen test.

novel coronavirus pneumonia is now available in 1511 laboratories in India. There are 983 government laboratories and 528 private laboratories.

novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 2975701 cases in India as early as 8 hours in India as of 22, and 55794 cases died.