281 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases confirmed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20606 cases were diagnosed.

novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in 281 cases in the past 24 hours, according to the September 2nd statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, 20606 cases have been diagnosed and 611 cases have died, 184 cases have been cured and 12892 cases have been cured. < / P > < p > of the 281 new cases, 238 were from the Federation of BIH, 43 were from the Republika Srpska of BIH, and there were no new cases in brckot district. < / P > < p > up to now, 121944 people have been tested in the Federation of BIH, 122722 cases have been diagnosed, 355 cases have died and 8925 cases have been cured; 65812 people have been tested in the Republika Srpska of BIH, 7507 cases have been diagnosed, 254 cases have died and 4460 cases have been cured. On September 2, the governments of the Federation of BIH and the Republika Srpska agreed that foreigners whose nucleic acid test results were negative within 48 hours would be allowed to enter the country. On August 28, the government of the Federation of BIH proposed to open the border to the citizens of Turkey, the United States, Russia and China. According to the Ministry of environment and tourism, in the tourism season, in order to support the domestic tourism industry, new coronavirus detection and other methods can be used to avoid risks and enable tourists to enter BIH.