22 African elephants dead in Zimbabwe

Harare, September 1, Zimbabwe’s minister of environment, climate, tourism and reception industry ndelovu said on September 1 that the wildlife protection department recently found 22 African elephant carcasses in the forest of the western part of the country, and the relevant departments are investigating the cause of death of these elephants. At a cabinet press conference that night, ndelovu said that forest rangers from the National Park and Wildlife Service found 11 dead elephants in the forest near Wangai National Park in the western part of the country on August 28. In the next few days, another 11 dead elephants were found through UAV inspection. < / P > < p > endeluowu told reporters that the government of Tianjin was worried about the incident. At present, the wildlife protection department is carrying out autopsy on the elephants, hoping to fully understand the cause of their death. Preliminary tests ruled out cyanide poisoning and shooting, which meant the collective death had little to do with poaching. Detailed results of the autopsy will be released later this week. < / P > < p > according to statistics, there are more than 83000 elephants in Zimbabwe, of which about 45000 live in and around Wangai National Park. The number of elephants in Zimbabwe ranks second in Africa, next to neighbouring Botswana.

Wan Gai National Park is located in the west of Zimbabwe, adjacent to several protected areas in northwestern Botswana. In July this year, the Ministry of environment and natural resources protection and tourism of Botswana issued a statement saying that since March, there have been unexplained deaths of elephants in the northwestern part of the country. Up to now, the bodies of 275 elephants have been verified, and the cause of the death of these elephants is under investigation. No evidence of poaching has been found.