206 Islamic state fighters killed by Iraqi anti terrorist forces this year

In a statement issued on December 19 in Baghdad, the Iraqi anti terrorist forces said that 206 armed members of the extremist organization “Islamic state” have been killed and another 292 have been arrested by the anti terrorist forces since this year. The statement said that with the support of the Iraqi air force and the international coalition against the Islamic state, the anti terrorist forces launched 253 military operations against the armed personnel of the Islamic state this year, and the network security department of the anti terrorist forces successfully tracked 26280 accounts used by the armed personnel of the Islamic state on social media and instant messaging platforms. The statement said that the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces will continue to track and destroy the hiding places of Islamic state armed personnel, and combat their activities spreading hatred and extremist ideas on the Internet, so as to create a safe and stable environment for the Iraqi people. < / P > < p > in December 2017, Iraq announced its historic victory against the Islamic state, but there are still residual extremists in Iraq waiting for an opportunity to launch attacks.