204 new confirmed cases in Greece

It is reported that the number of infection cases in Greece has continued to increase recently. On August 12, it reached the highest number of 262 new infection cases in a single day. Among all the new cases on the 12th, 36 people were found infected in a nursing home in Thessaloniki City, among which 33 were residents and 3 were staff members. < / P > < p > according to a preliminary investigation, a staff member was infected after attending a concert recently. When he returned to work, the virus was brought into a nursing home. Most of the infected elderly are asymptomatic, and some of the more serious cases have been sent to local hospitals for treatment. < / P > < p > compared with the vulnerable elderly, the situation of young people seems not optimistic. The average age of infected people in Greece has dropped to 36, Greek health minister kyelias said on the 12th. He called on young people to abide by epidemic prevention regulations and take protective measures.