2021 Cadillac xt4 launched at 259700-391700 yuan

On September 15, SAIC General Motors Cadillac brand announced that 2021 Cadillac xt4 was on the market with a price of RMB 259700-391700. Based on the original configuration, the new car can be equipped with face recognition unlocking and starting system, upgrading a new generation of on-board interconnection system, and adding carmine appearance color. < / P > < p > 2021 Cadillac xt4 supports the installation of face recognition unlocking and starting system, which can let the majority of car owners experience the “keyless era” one step ahead. Through the Bluetooth recognition and wake-up function of mobile phone, when the user approaches the vehicle, the high-definition touch screen installed on the B-pillar will be automatically activated; with the exquisite cooperation of software and hardware such as high-definition binocular infrared camera, infrared imaging technology and adaptive light compensation system, the system can carry out all-weather light perception recognition, and realize non sensing instant, regardless of day and night, indoor and outdoor, and even some extreme weather conditions In addition to face recognition, the system also integrates fingerprint unlocking and password information, which enables users to combine freely according to their usage habits. After entering the vehicle through the system, users can enjoy a new experience of starting the vehicle without a key. The multi account management function of the system supports 1 administrator and 7 ordinary users to register and use, making vehicle sharing easier and more convenient. < / P > < p > at the same time, relying on SAIC GM’s new generation of Internet of vehicles system as the “second engine”, 2021 xt4 integrates a new generation of Cadillac mobile Internet experience cue, updates and adds Baidu intelligent voice interconnection interactive system, wireless Carplay, baidu map and many other leading technology configurations. < / P > < p > from now on, 2021 Cadillac xt4 and face recognition unlocking and starting system will arrive in the exhibition halls of authorized Cadillac dealers in China. Consumers can also enjoy the “five free and one worry free” customized scheme of “free of down payment, interest rate, purchase tax, first year insurance, license free” and “worry free maintenance and customized sales service” through Cadillac’s rent and long term rent plan.