2021 Buick GL8 land business class sold at 232900-329900 yuan

On September 16, SAIC General Motors Buick brand announced that 2021 Buick GL8 land business class was on the market, with a total of seven models, with the price of RMB 232900-329900. Among them, 652t smart luxury and 652t smart luxury are newly added. < / P > < p > the new car adopts the geometric sculpture design concept. The body size is 5238mm × 1878mm × 1800mm, and the wheelbase reaches 3088mm, which provides sufficient guarantee for ample space. Buick GL8 land business class still has plenty of luggage compartment space when the three rows of seats are deployed. After the third row seats are put down, the luggage compartment space can be expanded to 1605 liters. < / P > < p > the interior of the new car is based on Buick embracing integrated design language, with high-grade leather material and double seam technology to create a high-grade cabin atmosphere. It is equipped with two-piece large panoramic double skylight, moon white moon white ambient lamp, quiet tuning Buick patented quiet technology, dual effect nano anti PM2.5 air conditioning filter element and other comfortable configuration. The whole vehicle is equipped with 6 USB interfaces, fully considering the business travel demand. < p > < p > Buick’s advanced intelligent driving assistance system has taken the lead in carrying on the new generation Buick GL8 Avenir Avia family. This time, the 2021 Buick GL8 land business module has been equipped with high-definition streaming media internal rear screen, high-definition 360 ° panoramic image system and sbza On the basis of the side blind area warning system and APA automatic parking system, the system has been upgraded to “add code”, adding ACC adaptive cruise system, LKA lane keeping system, LDW lane departure warning system, FDI front car distance warning system, FCA front collision warning system, CMB collision mitigation system and other intelligent driving assistant configurations with high frequency and more applicable scenarios. In addition, all new cars are equipped with Bosch ESP electronic stability control system and TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system as standard. In terms of power system, 2021 Buick GL8 land business class is equipped with the eighth generation ECOTEC 2.0T variable cylinder turbocharged engine and 9-speed Hydra-matic intelligent transmission. The maximum engine power is 174kw, the maximum torque is 350nm, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 7.8l per 100km. The 9-speed intelligent transmission and the new ETRS electronic gear shift make the shift response more agile. The new car meets the national emission standard of 6B, and enjoys the 8-year or 160000 km extra long original factory warranty for the main parts of engine and gearbox. < / P > < p > the 2021 Buick GL8 land business class is equipped with Buick econnect intelligent Internet technology, including intelligent voice assistant, real-time navigation system, super ID personal account, smart phone mapping, OTA remote upgrade and other functions. At the same time, it also carries a new generation of OnStar Anji star full-time online g “OnStar anjistar 4G car service application free traffic for life”.