2020 China family health conference held

On November 21, “2020 China family health conference” with the theme of “healthy family · Shaanxi shining China” was held in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province. < / P > < p > 2020 China family health conference is the first anniversary of the implementation of the healthy China action. More than 600 leaders, experts and scholars, enterprise representatives and authoritative media in the field of health and health gathered in Xi’an to pay attention to the health status of hundreds of millions of Chinese families, and explore how to make families better practice “co construction and sharing” under the guidance of “healthy China action” and realize the whole people healthy. At the meeting, Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the 10th National People’s Congress and chairman of the Working Committee on caring for the next generation of China, Wang Peian, deputy director of the population, resources and Environment Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Secretary of the Party group and executive vice president of the China family planning Association, Ma Li, chairman of the China Internet development foundation, Zhang Dongmei, Secretary of the Secretariat of the all China Women’s Federation, and China health information and health care Jin Xiaotao, President of big data society, and Fang Guanghua, vice governor of Shaanxi Provincial People’s government, attended the scene and made important speeches. After that, the conference announced the establishment of the family health research center. The session lasted for 2 days. The opening ceremony is divided into three chapters. In the chapter of “family health, grassroots re mobilization”, Yang Qinghua, Secretary of the Party group and director of the health and Health Committee of Langfang City, Hebei Province, Ma Yanling, member of the CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Committee and chairman of Liangshan women’s Federation, and Zhang Lingjun, vice president of Jinan family planning Association, were invited to present excellent cases of promoting healthy family work by grass-roots governments and grassroots health institutions. The “2020 list of Chinese family health gatekeepers” was released, and relevant leaders awarded honorary certificates to the winners. In the chapter of “family health, Shaanxi starts again”, Liu Baoqin, office director of Shaanxi Provincial Health Construction Committee and director of Shaanxi Provincial Health and Health Commission, Lin Haijun, vice chairman of Shaanxi Women’s Federation, and grassroots representatives from Yanhe village, Fengming Town, Qishan County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, shared the stories and working experience of eight types of “healthy cells” demonstration construction in Shaanxi Province. Ten media representatives from the “China Family Health 100 people media group” made an appearance together and displayed the health Shaanxi propaganda answer sheet. < p > < p > in the chapter of “family health, industry re upgrading”, Mao Qun’an, deputy director of the office of the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee and director of the planning and Information Department of the National Health Commission, Liu Huiping, inspector of the national economic accounting department of the National Bureau of Statistics, Li Shubing, Secretary of the Party committee of the Financial Street capital operation center, and Zhang Ligang, chairman of Aikang group, jointly discussed the family health industry ecosystem Construction. Zhang Hongping, President and editor in chief of China family newspaper, released the 2020 China family health index report on the spot. The Congress also selected “2020 Chinese family health responsibility enterprise”, and presented awards to the enterprise representatives. On the afternoon of 21st, the branch of “digital family · health interconnection family health industry ecosystem branch”, “infant care service theme branch”, “national family health promotion action seminar”, “reproductive health promotion action sub meeting”, “female health branch” and “pension health industry exchange meeting” were held in the afternoon of 21. On the evening of the “fifth healthy China micro video competition unveiling ceremony”. The theme of “Internet of things + Internet of things” will be held in the second day. < p > < p > under the guidance of China Family Planning Association, China Aging Association and national Aiwei office, the informatization Bureau of the central network information office, the women’s Development Department of the all China Women’s Federation, China health information and health medical big data society, population and culture development center of the national Health Commission, Shaanxi Provincial Health Construction Working Committee Office, Shaanxi health and Health Commission, Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Under the joint guidance of Western women’s Federation and Shaanxi Family Planning Association, sponsored by China family newspaper, China Internet development foundation, family health special committee of China health information and health medical big data society, organized by family newspaper Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi civilization culture innovation research center, Xi’an health and Health Commission, Xi’an women’s Federation and Shaanxi painting Co sponsored by the newspaper. In addition, it has also received public welfare support from Swisse Swisse, Hesheng, Aikang group, nuohui health, airdoc, panshengzi gene technology, Hanwei intelligent medical and other enterprises.