20 medical team members of Beijing You’an Hospital rush to Hebei

According to the work deployment of Beijing Tianjin Hebei joint prevention and control, in order to play the role of the capital joint prevention and control coordination mechanism and coordinate the integrated management and control of the area around Beijing, Beijing Municipal Health Commission and Beijing hospital management center require Beijing You’an Hospital to set up a nucleic acid testing medical team and Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng hospital medical team to help the three northern counties of Langfang. On January 10, 20 medical team members of You’an Hospital set foot on the journey. It is reported that on January 7, Beijing You’an Hospital received a notice from the municipal medical management center to set up a nucleic acid testing medical team to help Hebei. After receiving the notice, the hospital Party Committee attached great importance to the rapid deployment. The medical department formed a team overnight, and five departments including clinical examination center, pathology department, AIDS laboratory, liver disease research institute, and bioinformatics center gave strong support. The medical team with 20 members was quickly established. With the approval of the hospital Party committee, a temporary Party branch was established. In addition, the labor union of the hospital also prepared sufficient living materials, down jacket, scarf, gloves and food for the team members. On the evening of January 9, the hospital received the notice of official departure on January 10. Although it was the weekend, although it was near midnight, all the team members responded quickly and obeyed the command after receiving the notice, and all the preparations were carried out in an orderly manner. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, vice president of Beijing, Hu Zhongjie said: “you an hospital is a designated hospital for new crown pneumonia in Beijing. We are ready to prepare personnel and materials at any time, and make a prompt decision. These 20 team members are all inspectors with PCR certificates, and they are sure to win the fight against the epidemic. ” < / P > < p > on the morning of January 10, the hospital held a “mobilization meeting of Beijing You’an Hospital to help the medical team of Hebei Province”. Zheng Dongxiang, Secretary of the Party committee, Hu Zhongjie, member of the Party committee and vice president of the hospital, and other leaders and colleagues from relevant departments saw the medical team off. Zheng Dongxiang said: “thank you for your positive contribution to the fight against the epidemic. More than 1500 You’an people are your strong backing. I hope you can protect yourself and successfully complete the task.” Zhao Yan, leader of the medical team and Secretary of the temporary Party branch, said on behalf of all the team members: “we will come as soon as we are called, and we will fight and win the battle. We will not be afraid of difficulties, and we will make due contributions to the fight against the epidemic with our specialty and strong points.” < / P > < p > the leaders of Beijing Municipal Health Commission and Beijing hospital management center practice for all members of You’an Hospital through video, and encourage everyone to protect themselves, fulfill their mission, and complete the task successfully. < / P > < p > Zhao Yan, Sun Lin, Yin Jiming, Wei Feili, Qiao Xuxin, Shi Honglin, Liu Lifeng, Su bin, Yan Yan, Wang Ying, Zhang Lili, Zhang Haiping, Feng xiakong, Fan Jun, Gao Dan, Wang Yi, Li kangsun, Jian Ping, Qin lingdai Yanchao