2 million cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in India have not reached the peak.

According to foreign media reports on August 7, India has accumulated more than 2 million confirmed cases of new crown disease, making it the most seriously affected country in Asia. India is also the third country in the world to have more than 2 million cases diagnosed after the United States and Brazil. < / P > < p > since mid June, India has had an average of about 50000 new cases per day. As the infection spreads further into small towns and rural areas, experts say it may take months for India’s epidemic to reach its peak, which will put more pressure on the country’s already overburdened health care system. < / P > < p > at present, many Indian pharmaceutical companies are developing drugs or vaccines against the new coronavirus. The Hindustan Times quoted pharmaceutical company zydus Cadila as saying that the company will start the second phase of clinical trials from June 6 to determine the efficacy of its candidate vaccine against new coronavirus. The novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, India, is being co worked with the Ministry of health and some scientific research institutes in India to develop new drugs for treating new crown pneumonia.