187 people died of heatstroke in Tokyo in August, nine of them without air conditioning

According to Fuji Television on September 1, 187 people died of heat stroke in Tokyo in August, the highest number of people died of heat stroke in a single month since statistics. < / P > < p > on August 31 in Tokyo, 74 people were sent to hospital for heatstroke, and 4102 people were sent to hospital for heatstroke in August. More than 60% of them are people over 60 years old, and 209 are critically ill patients. These data set the highest record in August this year. As of August 31, 187 people died of heatstroke in Tokyo, significantly exceeding 115 deaths due to heatstroke last year, setting a record for a single month. It is reported that more than 80% of the dead are over 70 years old, and 90% of the dead have no air conditioning or do not use air conditioning in their homes. According to Japanese media, this year’s plum rainy season passed late, and the temperature rose sharply in August, which is the reason for the increase in the number of dead. Japan’s environment ministry and Meteorological Agency previously announced that six counties in Kanto region, except Tokyo, will continue to suffer from high temperature and heat stroke, and will issue “high temperature and heat stroke warning” to relevant areas. The meteorological agency also said that the temperature will not drop significantly at night.