16 people died in an attack on police station in GUR Province, western Afghanistan

Kabul, October 18, Afghan government officials confirmed on the 18th that an explosion occurred outside the office building of GUR police station in Mount Feroz, the capital of Gul Province in western Afghanistan, killing at least 16 people and injuring 90 people. At about 11:45 local time, a car carrying explosives exploded outside the office building of the provincial police station, causing serious damage to the office building of the provincial police station and a nearby government office building, a security official in Gul Province, who asked not to be named. At least 16 people have been killed and 90 injured in the blast, an official with the health department of Gul Province, Abdel Latif Rahimi, told reporters. People are still buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings, and the number of casualties is likely to increase further. On the 14th of this month, 8 civilians were killed and 25 were injured in a bomb attack in Herat province in the West and Laghman Province in the east of Afghanistan.