153 inmates in a Ugandan prison infected with new coronavirus

Kampala, Uganda’s Health Minister Jan azen, said on August 22 that 153 prisoners in a prison in northern Uganda were diagnosed with new coronavirus. “< p > < p > a told the media 318 new crown confirmed cases were added in the country on the same day, including 153 prisoners in the amuru prison in the north and one prison staff. A prisoner in the prison had some symptoms of infection with new crown virus last week, and the emergency team of the Ministry of health then took measures to isolate cases, identify close contacts and detect new coronavirus in the prison. A said that 73 medical workers in the country have been diagnosed. Kampala, the capital, has become a highly infectious area in the community, with 342 newly diagnosed cases added in the past week. Cluster cases have occurred in some institutes, private hospitals and 4 media institutions. She stressed that the workplace needs to strictly abide by the regulations and take effective prevention and control measures to curb the spread of the epidemic.