150000 postal votes “late”, US election staged “law and order”

The vote count for the US presidential election has been running for more than two days. As of 8:30 a.m. Beijing time on November 6, the outside world is still waiting for the final results of several key US states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. At the same time, the U.S. election has begun to play the “law and order” drama. According to the U.S. media’s analysis of agency data, more than 150000 postal ballots have not been delivered on election day, and more than 12000 of them are in the states where the vote gap is very tight. < p > < p > although the head of the U.S. Postal Service promised that officials would check the ballot papers every day, the post office admitted in a court document on the 5th local time that thousands of votes had not been processed in time. < / P > < p > in swing states such as Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, state laws require that the postmark be used, and that “late” ballots will still be counted as long as they are sent before election day and received by Friday. By the time of the first finance reporter’s press release, the three states had received 4518, 2958 and 3439 “late” votes respectively. But in swing states such as Arizona and Georgia, votes are disqualified if they are not sent by November 3. According to the media, Pennsylvania Secretary of state, berkwald, was quoted as saying that the state still has hundreds of thousands of votes to be counted, and the counting of the remaining votes will continue until “evening”, and almost all the votes will be counted before Friday local time. At the same time, bockwal responded to the “vote fraud” theory, saying that postal voting in the state was “very safe.”. All procedures are traceable and ensure that no voter can cast more than one vote, she said. As of the morning of Pennsylvania, there were still more than 32000 votes in Beijing. According to the Pennsylvania government, there are nearly 85000 left in Philadelphia County and 36000 in Allegheny County, including Pittsburgh. < / P > < p > on Thursday local time, the trump campaign team made legal efforts in various battleground states and won a ruling on election observers in Pennsylvania. It failed in Michigan and Georgia. The trump campaign team said it would sue Nevada for suspected irregularities in election voting. Earlier on Thursday, an appeals court in Pennsylvania approved the trump team’s request to allow observers in Philadelphia to watch the count from six feet away. But election officials in Philadelphia said their actions were justified and asked the state’s Supreme Court to hear their appeal. On the same day, in Georgia, a local judge in Chatham County rejected the trump campaign’s attempt to kill the ballot. In Michigan, a claims court judge said she would reject the trump campaign’s request for an emergency stop to the state’s vote count. She said the request made little sense, given that the state’s vote count was largely over, with Biden leading by about 150000 votes. In a brief statement, Biden asked the American people to remain calm because the counting of votes in the key battleground states that determine the election results continues. “The choice of the president of the United States is the will of the voters, not anyone, nor anything else.” Biden said, “so I ask you to stay calm. The counting is being completed and we will know soon, so thank you for your patience, but we have to count the votes. ”