15 yuan to buy 5 yuan to sell huawang shares

15 yuan was bought, but the stock was sold on the low price of 5 yuan “live broadcast”. This loss occurred in the first flower king shares in the main board garden of Shanghai and the war investment Yahu aggregation ecological Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aihu polymerization ecology”) to be invested. “” < p > < p > some insiders told the Securities Daily that “the pricing of this transaction is also lack of sufficient commercial logic support, with a premium of 100% to acquire 6.56% of the equity. Even if it is an offer, the price paid is much lower than the current premium of 100%.”

is questioned except for the rationality of the high premium purchase. The official account of the WeChat tiger, the “Yahoo” company behind the Yahu ecosystem, “fell in love with the tiger”, announced that it would sell it to the Yahu member at the price of 5 yuan / share. But the reporter participates in live broadcast discovery, only need 999 yuan to join the meeting can become the Asian tiger member, and enjoy the low price purchase flower king shares the right. The listed companies’ shares are sold on the live platform of their strategic investors, and the platform has not shown the qualification of recommending shares. What is the reason behind this scene? The Securities Daily reporter contacted the executives of listed companies and in-depth contact with “live broadcast group” to explore the truth behind the incident. Flower king is the second garden company in Jiangsu Province and listed on the main board of Shanghai stock market. The latest announcement shows that huawang International Construction Group Co., Ltd., a major shareholder of the company (hereinafter referred to as “huawang group”), plans to transfer some shares, and plans to introduce tiger aggregation ecology as strategic investor and sign the framework agreement. As of the above announcement date, the total shares of listed companies held by xiaojiaojun, the majority shareholder huawang group and the acting person, are in the pledge state, of which 55million shares are frozen. The huge pressure on pledge seems to make the capital chain of huawang group very nervous. The Securities Daily noted that huawang shares had reduced its shares by CITIC construction, the pledgor, to 3.37 million shares in July, and cashed out RMB 22753100, which was due to the return of the pledged loan of shareholders’ shares. The one time reduction did not make huawang group “slow down”, and the tense pledge state of huawang group still failed to be relieved. On August 27, the accumulated pledge of 131million shares of huawang group was expired, accounting for 96.39% of the total shares held by huawang group and 38.79% of the total share capital of the company. The remaining Pledged Shares will expire in the next half of the year. At that time, huawang said: “after preliminary consultation with CITIC Investment Securities Co., Ltd., the pledgee, huawang Group intends to deal with the above-mentioned share pledge by introducing strategic investors or handling the pledge extension.” Up to now, there is no announcement of the pledge extension. In an interview with the Securities Daily, the executives of huawang shares also affirmed the statement that the capital chain is tight, “the pledge rate is still very high, which is seen.” According to the agreement, the company intends to transfer 22 million shares of huawang shares (accounting for 6.56% of the total share capital) of huawang stock with a transaction price of 15 yuan per share, with a premium rate of 100% compared with the average price of huawang shares in recent years of 7.5 yuan / share. The framework agreement stipulates that the tiger aggregation ecology has paid a deposit of 30million yuan to huawang group, and the signing of formal equity transfer agreement and the payment of remaining funds shall not be later than November 30, 2020. The executives of the above companies also confirmed that the deposit of RMB 30million has been paid, “the deposit of 30 million yuan of the Asian tiger has been paid, and he will not want to make any deposit.” The industry insiders told reporters, “there may be a stock right subscription with super high premium, which makes the market feel that the stock price is seriously undervalued. If the stock price goes up, the risk of high-level pledge of major shareholders will be relieved or the high position will be reduced.” It is not unique that, on the evening of October 26, huawang group disclosed the reduction plan again, with the proposed reduction of not more than 3.3517 million shares, not more than 1% of the total share capital of the company. The reason for the reduction is to return the pledged loan of shares. The Securities Daily noted that Xiao Guoqiang, the real controller of huawang group, was also sued for private loan disputes and some of its assets were frozen. The lawsuit information shows that Wang Liufang and the dispute on flower seed investment and xiaoguoqiang’s private lending have been held in the people’s Court of Wujin District, Changzhou City on September 15th, 2020. On the Chinese judicial document online, the Securities Daily reporter also inquired that the notice of closure issued on August 20, 2020 shows that Wang Liufang applied for property preservation, frozen some assets invested by xiaoguoqiang and flower species, and the freezing period of assets under Xiao Guoqiang’s name was until August 4, 2021. In addition, huawang group and xiaoguoqiang have been involved in another private loan dispute with Danyang Tongtai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. which has been held on June 23, August 19 and September 23 this year.

major shareholder “cash shortage” cash, introduced the strategic investors Yahu aggregation ecosystem, and the official account of Wang Rucong, the Shanghai Yahoo enterprise development limited liability company (abbreviated as “Shanghai tiger”), sold the stock of the overbought shares on its WeChat public account at a low price.

in October 19th, when the anchor of the WeChat public “Yahu” Yahu shopping mall Yahu live interface, a female anchor introduced to the participants, “the price of the tiger to the members is 5 yuan / share, welcome to the official account. Recently, we have started selling the stock, or using the app that originally bought the equity. The threshold of purchase of huawang shares is 10000 shares and 50000 yuan for sale, and the scattered 100 shares and 200 shares are not accepted. For such shares, it is not significant to buy less shares, which can not solve the problem of everyone’s food and clothing and wealth. ” The number of people on the live broadcast is over 1000. According to the above comments, Wang Rucong explained to the public on October 21: “Yahu is an Internet company that has been starting business for 21 years, and has huge stock dividend space; it is not to sell equity to the members of the tigers, but also to the internal incentive for the members of the tigers. The comments of the people concerned “sold to the tiger members with 5 yuan / share” on the live broadcast are not in line with common sense. ” In the face of Wang Rucong’s denial, the relevant persons of huawang shares told reporters: “I don’t know, and later, I asked them, they said it was used to motivate, but the estimated share would be very small, which is similar to our staff incentive.” On October 22, on the live platform of the Asian tiger, when participants mentioned the subscription of huawang shares, the female anchor still said: “huawang shares can be subscribed now, and you can report to your team, buy them in cash and invest from 50000 yuan.” The reporter contacted the female anchor in the live learning group of the Asian tiger. When the reporter asked if she could buy huawang shares for 5 yuan, the female anchor said: “the internal subscription is 5 yuan / share, and after a while, the Asian tiger has internal trading in the internal market, but the internal shares will not enter the equity market after a period of time.” On October 28, the reporter contacted the female anchor to buy the shares of huawang again. According to the guidance of the female host, the reporter should provide the ID card information and contact number. The reporter found that the link sent by the female anchor showed that the registered software was named “tiger Golden Pigeon 3.0”. “The registration of the code, the shares of Golden Pigeon and the shares of huawang are bought here.” The woman’s anchor said. “< p > < p > at least 10000 yuan investment, but if you are buying the line of flower king, buy 10000 shares.” The woman’s anchor introduced the purchase of huawang shares to reporters, and the previous 5 yuan / share statement changed. It said that it would buy 10000 shares at the price of RMB 4 / share on the “tiger Golden Pigeon” first, and then become a shareholder, and then be eligible to buy 10000 shares, only RMB 10000, but the software for registering for the Asian tiger cloud is required. “It’s 50000 yuan to buy 20000 shares, and 2.5 yuan / share (price) is appropriate.” The host said. It is worth noting that the above software name “Yahu Golden Pigeon” is the abbreviation of Beijing Yahu Golden Pigeon Biotechnology Co., Ltd. under the control of Wang Rucong, and also the enterprise whose original shares were sold online reported by the media. A PPT document shows that “in order to thank the members who follow the tigers all the way, the company first issued 50million original shares to benefit all of us, and offered for 2 yuan per share, each of whom subscribed for 500 shares at the minimum, and could subscribe for 100000 shares at the highest. At the same time, the dividend will be paid weekly from the date of subscription until the listing deadline.” According to the above-mentioned female anchor, if 999 yuan is spent to buy “King” members, it also includes the shares of tiger Golden Pigeon. Reporter understands, 999 yuan member gives away the Asian tiger gold pigeon stock right is 500 shares. How about the income after the purchase of equity? “You will be given profit on the first day after buying (equity). The first day will be 1%, 2% after a week, 3% in a week, 1% every week. When you wait for 14 weeks (that is, three months), your capital will come back. 14 weeks are almost three months, and you will make money from 15 weeks.” “Now all new shares are given to the normal cash,” the female anchor told reporters When asked whether the company has financial qualification to engage in the above-mentioned equity transaction, the female broadcast stressed: “the company has all kinds of qualifications, and has a securities qualification, which is China Gold securities, Wang Rucong is the chairman of the board of directors and the fund company also has it.” After inquiry, the reporter found that there was a company named Zhongjin (Beijing) Securities Consulting Co., Ltd. under Wang Rucong’s name, and the female anchor also showed the company’s business license to reporters. The female anchor has been offering 2.5 yuan / share price for many times and the opportunity is rare. She advised the reporter to register for shares at this time. When asked whether it can be traded directly in the stock market, the other party said: “temporarily, there is a three-month freeze period (huawang stock). But in these three months, it can trade on the market of the tiger itself. Don’t we have a license for securities trading? Internal market is to let everyone quickly form a transaction, after the application, can become a formal market. It can be traded then, and now it can only be inside. ” Lawyer Wang Zhibin, a lawyer at Shanghai Minglun law firm, told the Securities Daily that the anchor’s expression was disguised peddling. “From this information, the company is linked to huawang shares, and the actual sales are the original shares of a related company. According to Article 9 of the securities law, securities issued to specific objects with no specific objects or to specific objects with more than 200 persons shall be publicly issued. It is a serious violation that the company has been suspected of selling shares in disguised form to the non specific object. According to Article 180 of the securities law, the regulatory authorities may impose a fine of up to 5 million yuan to the company. ” In addition, Wang said, “if the company has a virtual disk to trade a shares, it is suspected of illegally opening a securities trading place, which is also a violation severely attacked by the regulatory authorities.” The above-mentioned female anchor statements are disguised selling behavior, according to Wang Chengyu, a lawyer of Jiangsu Hengsen law firm. “From the statement that” it can be a member and can subscribe for huawang shares and the tiger Golden Pigeon “