14 cases in 19 days! Okinawa government demands strict discipline of US troops in Japan

According to the “Central News Agency” reported, as of the local time on the 13th of 19 days, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan occurred in a series of 14 U.S. forces stationed in the local accident was arrested by the police. To this end, the Okinawa county government and the local government where the US military base is located protested to the US military for two consecutive days, demanding strict military discipline. < / P > < p > it is reported that the recent arrest of the US Army in Okinawa occurred on the night of November 12, when a 22-year-old US soldier was drunk driving and ran into a car. When the police arrived for an alcohol test, they found that the soldier’s test value was about five times higher than the standard value. < / P > < p > the other 13 cases occurred in the two weeks from October 25 to November 8, and were arrested by US Marines in Okinawa, including robberies. The robber case occurred on November 8. A 20-year-old US soldier from camp Hansen was arrested by the police after he was suspected of strangling the driver’s neck from behind and snatching cash and taxis while taking a taxi. < p > < p > the Jinwu Town Council, where the Hansen battalion is located, unanimously passed a resolution and a written opinion at the interim meeting on the 12th, demanding that the US Army apologize to the driver who committed the crime and provide perfect compensation. The US Army should strictly enforce military discipline, prevent such cases from happening again, and amend the Japan US status agreement. < / P > < p > the resolution will be sent to the U.S. ambassador to Japan and the commander of the U.S. military in Japan, and the submission will be sent to the prime minister, defense minister and foreign minister of Japan. On the 10th, Okinawa deputy governor Xie Huaxi summoned Okinawa Ambassador Hashimoto Shangwen and Okinawa defense director rizawa Tanaka to the County Hall to make a written protest of “strong anger”. Xie Hua said that this successive arrest of US troops in Okinawa is an “abnormal state”; Hashimoto said that he would express Japan’s extremely regretful position to the US side and ask the US side to really come up with countermeasures.