135 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Czech have been confirmed, and 21923 cases have been confirmed.

According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia data released by the Ministry of health in Czech on August 24th, 23 new confirmed cases were confirmed on

, 21923 cases were confirmed and 412 cases were cured. The results showed that the total number of cases was 412. There were 5386 infected patients, most of them had mild or no obvious symptoms, and 116 patients were hospitalized. < / P > < p > in the past week, the number of infected people in the Czech Republic increased sharply, of which 506 were confirmed on the 21st, the highest one-day increase since the outbreak. Epidemiological experts pointed out that Czech did not have a large number of cases of human infection, but small-scale cluster infection occurred in many parts of the country. < / P > < p > in addition, in recent weeks, due to the increase in the number of tourists returning to the Czech Republic after their holidays from abroad, the increase in imported cases from abroad is also an important reason for the increase in the number of new infections per day.